Please find below the relevant form to download, then complete the form and fax or email it to our office staff.

The hospital fax number is (03) 58 299 307 and the email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Instructions for ordering semen (click here)

Client Mare Form (for use with admitting mares for breeding for chilled, frozen or ET) click on the writing to go to the form


Chilled semen order form (when you want to order chilled semen from a stallion at the hospital)- click on the writing to go to the form

Frozen semen order form (when you wish to have frozen semen sent to you from the hospital)- click here

Semen release form (when you have semen to be released from the hospital to go to a client)- click here

Stallion Form  (when you are sending a stallion to the hospital for semen evaluation, freezing, fertility issues etc)- click here

Consent to destroy Frozen Semen  - click here


 Pre-Purchase Examination

Pre-Purchase form    (click on writing to access form)



 Castration Consent Form  (click on writing to access form)

Surgical/Medicine Consent Form

Consent form for surgery/medicine 

Euthanasia Consent Form

 Consent form for veterinarians to euthanase horse