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Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital relies on the work of it's ambulatory veterinarians to provide the best possible standard of care for it's clients and their horses on the client's property or farm. 

Clients can phone the hospital office to book an appointment  or, for non-urgent matters,  when the on-road veterinarian is next travelling that way.

Ambulatory services include reproductive work, pre-purchase examinations, attention to sick horses and foals, lacerations,  wounds and foalings.  X-rays and shock wave therapy can also be performed on- farm if organised beforehand to ensure equipment is available.

GVEH also has a Dynamic Respiratory Scope which can be attached to horses (in the horses' throat) and used on local racetracks to check for breathing problems while racing. 



Castrations can be performed in the field or in the hospital. Recently, GVEH veterinarians have been performing more castrations in the surgery (under general anaesthetic) using a different technique which gives great results.

A Castration Consent Form needs to be completed and faxed to the GVEH office before any castration can be carried out. Go to the Forms section to download and print this form, then fax it to GVEH.