Diastema’s and periodontal disease

Diastemas are gaps between the teeth. Those gaps can have different origins.

In the first instance some animals are born with teeth that are wrongly implanted or do not show enough angulation to effectively have all teeth seamlessly adjoin each other. In other cases, due to the presence of overgrowths on the teeth, the forces created will spread the teeth apart. Food will eventually pack in the interdental gaps. This food will then ferment and gum disease will ensue. This then becomes a vicious circle process with pain created by the gum disease leading to altered chewing patterns and more dental overgrowths forming with more packing of food and so forth. 

Identifying the underlying cause of the diastema and treating the overgrowths is crucial to a successful outcome. The treatment of diastema and periodontal (gum) disease can be a lengthy one if the cases are longstanding. Identifying starting issues early is important to prevent further development of the disease. Regular dental checks will allow us to identify and correct.  

Different techniques like diastema widening, occlusal contact release grooves, bridging and others are available depending on the stage of the disease. In some cases when the gum disease is so advanced, extraction of the tooth may be required.