Congenital and traumatic Maxillo-Facial surgery

GVEH is uniquely placed to treat horses with maxillofacial injury or correction of congenital abnormalities.

Dr Verwilghen is boarded in both equine surgery and dentistry, the sole veterinarian holding both those qualifications in the southern hemisphere. Dr Verwilghen is part of a research group in human maxillofacial surgery and currently co-supervises two PhD students from the European Face Centre in Brussels. In this role he has been part of the development of temporomandibular joint prosthesis for human use. 

During these interventions we not only seek the most functional outcome, but the aesthetics of the intervention are also considered primordial. Complex maxillofacial interventions are performed in hospital supported by the large hospital team of nurses and veterinarians.

Examples of these interventions are wry nose corrections, mandibular / maxillary and sinus fracture repair, temporomandibular joint surgery, ear reconstructions, and tongue laceration reconstructions.