Stallion Services

Call our reproduction team for a list of stallions currently standing at Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital!

Stallion breeding management

During the breeding season, your stallion could reside at GVEH where routine semen collection and processing can be performed by our qualified staff for shipment of chilled semen throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Breeding evaluation

If you have noticed a change in your stallion’s breeding behaviour or his fertility rate is lower than expected, it may be time to make sure the stallion is reproductively adequate. We perform breeding soundness examinations on stallions, from all over the world, for many people including major insurance companies.

Freezing semen

Every week, year-round, there are a number of stallions residing at our hospital for semen freezing.

Some stallions are heading overseas, starting their performance and breeding career simultaneously, and some are scheduled to be castrated soon. Other stallions are being routinely collected and the semen frozen for breeding  in case there is a problem later on in the stallion’s life. Whatever the situation, freezing allows the stallion’s genetics to be stored in liquid nitrogen indefinitely for future breeding.

We also offer a large storage facility for frozen semen and export semen.

The Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) is used to tract and categorize sperm motility throughout semen processing and evaluation

Quarantine for semen export

GVEH is an approved quarantine facility, if you’re wishing to send your frozen semen overseas. 

Part of this process will involve quarantine management; before and during the collection and freezing process. The specific protocol is dependent on the country of intended export. Our main export destinations are: USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Italy, France and Germany.