Sinus disease investigation and treatment

Horses have large sinus complexes. In case of sinus disease or sinus infection, most horses present with unilateral nasal discharge. In order to resolve the infection it is crucial to identify the source which can be challenging.

Sinus disease can be caused by many underlying pathologies and dental issues (root abscess, fractured teeth) which are often the cause. Horses can also be affected by fungal infections, foreign bodies or cystic or tumoral growths in the sinus complexes without dental disease.

At GVEH we perform sinus investigations and treatments. Sinus surgery is in the majority of cases performed on the standing horse.

Persistent nasal discharge and sinus disease following tooth extractions can occur but is luckily uncommon. Particularly when a draining fistula between the oral cavity and the sinus is present and does not close, this can be very challenging to treat. Different treatment techniques including placement of fistula screws are available at GVEH.