All medical conditions, which both adults and foals encounter, can be assessed at GVEH using the latest technological advances and treated by our medical staff.  GVEH offers 24-hour intensive care for newborn foals, as well a full range of  hospital care for adults and outpatient evaluations. Registered specialist Dr. Laura Hardefeldt heads our medicine department.

Conditions that are commonly referred for evaluation include:

·       Chronic cough

·       Fever of unknown cause

·       Pneumonia

·       Sick foals

·       Heart conditions, including atrial fibrillation and murmurs

Equipment available at GVEH for medical cases includes:

  Echocardiography- Doppler ultrasound of the heart

  ECG (Electrocardiogram) 


  Blood gas and electrolyte measurements

  Blood pressure monitoring

  Continuous rate infusion of intravenous fluids

  Upper and lower airway endoscopy

  Specialised mare & foal stalls to facilitate care of critically ill animals



                                Mares and foals enjoy the Spring sunshine at GVEH