Our Hospital


Here at GVEH we specialise in the diagnosis and management of lame horses- be that a racehorse, performance horse or paddock pony. We can use a range of diagnostics including flexion tests, nerve blocks, radiographs, ultrasound and scintigraphy to get to the bottom of the problem.


All medical conditions, which both adults and foals encounter, can be assessed at GVEH using the latest technological advances and treated by our medical staff. GVEH offers 24-hour intensive care for newborn foals, as well a full range of hospital care for adults and outpatient evaluations.


Here at GVEH we can offer a full range of surgical procedures from life saving procedures like colic surgery to common procedures like orthopedic surgeries and upper airway procedures to also including standing procedures like reproductive surgeries.


Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital relies on the work of its ambulatory veterinarians to provide the best possible standard of care for its clients and their horses on the client’s property or farm.

Clients can phone the hospital office to book an appointment or, for non-urgent matters, when the on-road veterinarian is next travelling that way.