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Our fully equipped surgical facilities are designed to optimise the care of horses during surgery.

We have three padded induction / recovery rooms which lead into two fully-equipped surgical suites.

On admission to the hospital, the horse undergoes pre-operative assessment including x-rays, ultrasound scan and / or endoscopic examination to confirm the surgical condition of the horse presented at the hospital.

Following communication with the owners / trainer/ insurance company/ referring veterinarian, the horse is prepared for surgery.

This includes a clinical examination, weighing and pre-operative medications.

The sedated horse is then anaesthetised in one of the padded induction rooms, then rolled into the adjacent air- conditioned suite.  Patients are then intubated and placed on an automatic ventilator and are monitired for blood pressure. An electrocardio gram is used. GVEH has a team of dedicated and trained veterinarinas who monitor all the anaesthetics.

A full range of surgical procedures are performed at GVEH. Surgical procdures commonly undertaken involve the orthopaedic, upper respiratory, abdominal and reproductive systems.

Specialized equipment available at GVEH enables our surgeons to perform  a wide range of surgeries including arthroscopy, laparoscopy, cryosurgery and  laser surgery of the upper airway.